Wednesday, 2 March 2011

First Class

Hi All

 My apologies for missing the the first face to face class yesterday. I think I will have a bit of catching up to do!!! Looking forward to joining in this afternoon.
I am a senior lecturer/ programme manager at the Otago Institute of Sport and Adventure. I have management repsonsibilities for the Certificate in High Performance and also for the Management and Coaching specialty within the Diploma of Applied Sport and Exercise Leadership.
I have been employed by OP since 2005. I have experienced a variety of work environements, including teaching, slaes rep, courier, CEO Regional Sporting Organisation.
I have this week been re-appointed a s nationa lsenior selector for Badminton New Zealand.


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  1. Hello Roger you may be late starting - well missed the first face-to-face class by a whisker - but you are the first to get a blog up and running. How fabulous to be appointed as a selector. It will be interesting to see how your ideas for flexibility in your different areas of teaching unfold.