Wednesday, 2 March 2011

why this course?

Within our industry (sport) there are very few paid coaching positions. One of the biggest barriers for people volunteering (in my opinion) is the perceived lack of time. Another issue is the lack of training and self belief that people can coach.
In a previous role I was responsible for delivering coach education and it was a real struggle to get people to attend the traditional weekend courses. I did experiment with a correspondence type situation and that worked moderately successful. If we wish to engage with a large volunteer population my belief is we need to be  able to deliver material in a time and manner that suits them. We cannot expect them to make even more sacrafices to upskill themselves.
In addition to this I teach a level 5 course on the Graduate Diploma in Physical Conditioning. I taught this course for the first time in 2010. It is a flexible delivered course with intensive blocks. The face to face was  not a problem however my first illuminate teaching session, was MY WORST session ever!!!!! Wow did I feel inadequate. A steep learning curve and I managed to bluff my way through the year. Hopefully I can gain a better understanding to enhance my teaching.....


First Class

Hi All

 My apologies for missing the the first face to face class yesterday. I think I will have a bit of catching up to do!!! Looking forward to joining in this afternoon.
I am a senior lecturer/ programme manager at the Otago Institute of Sport and Adventure. I have management repsonsibilities for the Certificate in High Performance and also for the Management and Coaching specialty within the Diploma of Applied Sport and Exercise Leadership.
I have been employed by OP since 2005. I have experienced a variety of work environements, including teaching, slaes rep, courier, CEO Regional Sporting Organisation.
I have this week been re-appointed a s nationa lsenior selector for Badminton New Zealand.